“We just got our system up and running this week, so we’re excited to reap the benefits. Travis was exceptionally easy to deal with and the installation crews did an excellent job. It was installed in the time frame promised with all of the permits, inspections, and approvals from SDG&E. It was a smooth process from beginning to end. Thanks SolSource.”
— Mario & Deb A. - La Mesa, CA
“Are you sick of paying over $400/Bill with SDG&E? I am so Happy watching my meter go backwards! Having Sol Source install solar on my house was one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! The staff: RJ, George Chapman, Anissa and Travis are top notch! They are Honest, professional & take pride in their work. They had my Panels up and running darn quick too! Passing the SDG&E inspection was a breeze. I shopped around (Costco was a rip off to me) and got an incredible fair, competitive deal with Sol Source . We ended up buying (instead of leasing) my property value increased and I now have air con for free ! This company does NOT just install and bolt either - they track my usage and panel outputs. RJ also patiently taught us how to use the app on our phones to track the outputs as well. I feel good about doing something to save the environment and have encouraged all my friends and neighbors to do the same!”
— Pamela V. - San Diego, CA
The guys from SolSource were very professional and finished installing my new solar panels quickly. I was kept in the loop with each step of the process, coordinated with SDG&E for inspections and they even did most of the work with the finance company. And I love not paying huge electric bills each month!
— Lisa L. - El Cajon, CA
“We feel that SolSource Energy was very knowledgeable about their solar products and funding services like the HERO program. We felt that they listened to us, understood our home energy needs, and completely explained the process of going solar. They provided us with options that would fit our energy needs and stayed within our set financial budget. Compared to other companies, we felt their price was the most competitive. Overall, we felt that our home improvement process was fast and easy. We are thrilled with the way our solar system looks and I would highly recommend them to friends and family!”
— Doug & Alma - El Cajon, CA
Travis of SolSource Energy was outstanding in determining the system that would fit our needs, and arranging the HERO representative to meet with us to discuss the benefits of solar panels and the financial options available through the HERO program. Better yet, they both explained there are other energy saving products available to us under the HERO program - didn’t know this.

We agreed to have the solar panels installed and Travis knew I was very concerned about the appearance of our home after the solar panels were placed. I wasn’t sure if our home would look ugly from the street with panels being placed on the front roof.

After the crew started work, my anxiety over our home’s appearance immediately went away. The crew was outstanding in placing the panels professionally and we love our home’s ‘new look’. Know what’s better? We see walkers noticing our new panels and hear them complimenting how nice the panels look on our home.

Thanks Travis and SolSource Energy! Now its’s time to save some serious money!
— Lita D. - La Mesa, CA